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School - A stimulating learning space!

“A school is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.”

- Lon Watters

Did you know, as per research, insufficient lighting & unstable temperatures can have a great impact on teaching - learning in the classroom?

A well planned learning environment can boost a student’s performance by  16-20%.  The aesthetics of a school, a second home for children, has a significant influence on how students feel and contribute to their learning. Thus, it's time to review existing school designs and find ways to create flexible spaces for varied learning approaches and student engagement.

How can we help you?

Eduvest Connect works with the purpose of meeting institutional needs, to create designs that have a positive impact now and into the future. We believe that an appropriate school setup should be conducive to construct quality educational models and encourage self learning in students. We help institutes in  remodelling / shaping a successful design that enhances the lives of students and teachers.

Our Offerings


We help you to create a comfortable, warm, inviting, energetic and vibrant space that fosters learning and sharing.

Opportunities for fun learning, and interactive classrooms.



Crafting a beautiful school campus with facilities required for the development of the physical, cognitive, and social abilities of students. 

Conceptualizing labs to encourage the learners to discover and invent, question and research; inculcating an enhanced scientific temper.



An art set-up that suits the needs of upcoming artists encouraging  them to delve into a world of expressions through Drama theatres.

Studios for painting, photography, filmmaking, music, or dance with relevant resources.



Latest audio-visual materials and other essentials such as individual headsets and isolated sound booths to assist students' learning process.

We design study halls in a manner that facilitates the extra time required by students to not only catch up with their academic work but also indulge in some quiet reflection.



Through EdTech, EC delivers to its clients all the latest technologies right from intelligent boards to other devices that make learning more interactive and practical.

REDESIGNING CAN BE DONE IN A COST EFFECTIVE MANNER. We are equipped to provide cost effective solutions which may require minor changes in the designs but have a great impact on achieving the learning goals.


So, let's collaborate and reconstruct a school that the students look forward to coming each morning and leave more empowered each day!

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