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Academic Content Developer (2.4 LPA - 6.00 LPA)

Roles, Responsibilities & Requirements: 

1. Work on content development.
2. Create online courses.
3. Work on the website and everyday content related to education - blogs for the website, online courses.
4. Work on curating and writing academic content.
5. Design a detailed educational curriculum, including topics, and the number of hours required per course.
6. Create engaging training course content (material, quizzes, and activities).
7. Set learning objectives for each course.
8. Determine evaluation criteria.
9. Organize physical and digital resources for instructors and trainees.
10. Provide manuals and guidelines on how to use online training material.
11. Follow up with trainees and instructors after each course and collect feedback.
12. Research and recommend modern educational methods (gamification, etc.).

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