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Looking for top-quality educational resources without breaking the bank? Look no further! EdBies is your go-to destination for an extensive collection of free educational materials, including e-books, worksheets, printables, lesson plans, and more. Whether you're a student, educator, or lifelong learner, EdBies has something for everyone.

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Boost your learning experience with our amazing selection of free, high-quality educational resources.

Art Integrated Learning

Art Integrated Learning Toolkit

Unlock creativity with our art-integrated learning toolkit, featuring strategies, lesson plans, and activities for interdisciplinary education.

Experiential Learning Toolkit

Experiential Learning Toolkit

Discover hands-on learning with our experiential toolkit, featuring strategies, lesson plans, and subject-wise implementations.

SOP - 1st Week of School

SOP - 1st Week of School

Optimize school reopening with our comprehensive, step-by-step first-week Standard Operating Procedure.

Spoken English Improvement Strategies (Nursery to Grade 5)

Spoken English Improvement Strategies

(Nursery to Grade 5)

Enhance young learners' spoken English with engaging strategies tailored for Nursery to Grade 5.

Activities for Teaching Grammar

Activities for Teaching Grammar

Elevate grammar classes with unique, engaging activities for dynamic and effective learning.

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Master Resource for LSRW Skills

Boost LSRW skills with our expert-crafted resource, designed for effective communication mastery.


Introducing EdLog, our captivating education blog that covers a wide array of topics, from the latest trends in education to tips on educator & student development. Written by experienced educators and passionate learners, our blog aims to inspire, inform, and empower. Stay ahead of the curve with EdLog.

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Stay informed and inspired with our thought-provoking articles on education, growth, and more!


Get ready to learn on-the-go with EdCast, our comprehensive collection of educational podcasts and videos. Featuring engaging content from renowned experts, educators, and thought leaders, EdCast offers a versatile and dynamic learning experience that fits your busy schedule. Listen or watch anytime, anywhere, and take your learning journey to new heights.

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Expand your horizons with our diverse selection of educational podcasts and videos, designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle.


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