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KAKSHA - Educator Development Programmes

Accelerate Your Career as an Educational Leader: Get Certified with Kaksha's Cutting-Edge Development Programmes. Transform, innovate, and lead the future of education!

"Unlock the Secrets of Top Education Systems:

Learn from Our Team's Experience in 7 Countries -

Finland, Sweden, Poland, UK, India, Dubai, and Nigeria.

Elevate Your Teaching and Leadership Skills Today!"

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To provide accessible, high-quality, and adaptable professional development programs that cater to the evolving needs of educators, enabling them to stay at the forefront of progressive knowledge and pedagogical advancements.

To cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment where educators can share ideas, experiences, and best practices, fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement.



To champion the importance of educators as vital change agents in the educational landscape, actively contributing to the design and implementation of reformed education models.

To identify and address the challenges faced by educators through continuous research, engagement, and the development of tailored training programs that drive transformation in teaching practices.



To establish strong partnerships with educational institutions, policymakers, and industry experts, ensuring a holistic approach to educator development and promoting the integration of cutting-edge technology and methodologies in the classroom.

To celebrate and recognize the achievements and successes of educators, fostering a sense of pride and motivation to continually raise the bar in the pursuit of excellence in education.



"To create a global community of empowered and inspired educators, who champion transformative education and foster lifelong learning for future generations."

Meet The Mentors

Imagine unlocking your full potential with guidance from esteemed alumni of

IIM Calcutta and Azim Premji University, certified trainers from Dale Carnegie and Azim Premji Foundation, and wisdom from Seasoned Principals of distinguished institutions – don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your skills and career!

What you will learn?

  • Understand the foundations of education, including major philosophies and theories of learning

  • Develop skills in the art of pedagogy and instructional techniques

  • Reflect on personal beliefs to form an individual educational philosophy

Module 1: Discovering the True Meaning and Purpose of Education - Unlocking Thought-Provoking Ideas

  • Develop instructional leadership skills for guiding and supporting educators

  • Apply differentiated instruction techniques to meet diverse learning needs

  • Utilize technology to maximize teaching and learning potential

Module 2: Transforming Learning Through Effective Curriculum and Pedagogy - A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

  • Identify different learning styles and strategies for effective instruction

  • Analyze the National Education Policy 2020 and its implications for educators

  • Examine the National Curriculum Framework 2022 and prepare for the Foundational Stage and beyond

Module 3: Exploring Learning in Indian Schools - A Comprehensive Guide on Indian Education System and Pedagogy

  • Develop effective communication skills for building positive relationships with stakeholders

  • Nurture connections with parents, colleagues, and administrators to create a supportive network

  • Manage conflicts confidently using powerful strategies and techniques

  • Enhance coaching, mentoring, and feedback skills to maximize impact on others

  • Apply the Thomas Kilmann Model to improve negotiation skills

Module 4: Mastering Stakeholder Management - Essential Skills for Educational Success!

  • Master principles of effective school and classroom management for a well-organized learning environment

  • Cultivate a positive environment that promotes learning and growth

  • Implement assessment and feedback strategies to monitor student progress

  • Develop time management and organization skills for a stress-free teaching experience

Module 5: Ace Administration, School, and Classroom Management - Be the Leader Your School Needs!

  • Engage in self-reflection and self-assessment for personal and professional growth

  • Cultivate a growth mindset and set personal goals for success

  • Commit to continuous professional development and lifelong learning strategies

Module 6: Unleashing the Power of Personal Development - Empower Your Growth as an Educator!

  • Understand the importance of branding for educational institutions

  • Explore strategies for creating a strong and positive school identity

Keynote 1: School Branding

  • Examine the role of technology in education and its impact on teaching and learning

  • Identify current trends and future developments in educational technology

Keynote 2: EdTech & Education


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2nd, 3rd & 4th June 2023 | Indore
NABET Accreditation Awaited

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Don't miss out! Apply now to secure your spot in this exclusive opportunity.
Hurry, as seats are limited!


A Message From Our Programme Director

Dear Educators,


As the Program Director for Kaksha - Educator Development Programs, I am thrilled to welcome you to our cutting-edge training initiative designed specifically for principals, teachers, and all educational professionals.

At Kaksha, we understand the immense responsibility that educators carry in shaping the future of our society. Our educator development program is meticulously crafted to ensure that you gain the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in your roles and create a lasting impact on the lives of your students.


Our comprehensive program includes a wide array of modules that cater to various aspects of the educational spectrum. From exploring the true meaning and purpose of education to mastering stakeholder management, our program ensures holistic development for every participant.


Some of the key modules in our program include:


  • Discovering the True Meaning and Purpose of Education - Unlocking Thought-Provoking Ideas

  • Transforming Learning Through Effective Curriculum and Pedagogy - A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

  • Exploring Learning in Indian Schools - A Comprehensive Guide on Indian Education System and Pedagogy

  • Mastering Stakeholder Management - Essential Skills for Educational Success!

  • Ace Administration, School, and Classroom Management - Be the Leader Your School Needs!

  • Unleashing the Power of Personal Development - Empower Your Growth as an Educator!

Our cadre of seasoned trainers comprises illustrious alumni from IIM Calcutta and Azim Premji University, accredited trainers from Dale Carnegie and Azim Premji Foundation, and experienced principals hailing from esteemed institutions. Under their tutelage, you shall be adeptly prepared to confront the challenges posed by the perpetually evolving educational milieu.

I warmly encourage you to embark upon this metamorphic odyssey and partake in an empowering educational venture poised to elevate your vocation and enable you to profoundly influence the lives of innumerable students. Do hasten, as availability is finite. 

Wishing you unparalleled success in your pedagogical pursuits.

Disha Anil Madaan

Program Director,

Kaksha - Educator Development Programs

Wish to train all your teachers?

Don't worry - we've got you covered! 

Check out the customized training programmes offered under Kaksha

Benefits of Training with
KAKSHA - Need Based Programmes:


Opportunities for teachers to interact, collaborate, reflect & upskill themselves as effective facilitators.

Learning from experienced trainers and mentors who are experts in their fields and provide various strategies for practical solutions.



A chance to step out of their comfort zone and build confidence to take up challenges to grow professionally and personally.

Equips the teachers with tools that encourage learning and engage the students in the classrooms, delivering a result-oriented learning experience.



Flexibility to the schools to select specific subjects/relevant issues which need to be addressed, based on observations of the teaching-learning patterns.

Knowledge of current trends in educational resources and insight into industry updates for overall progress.



Engaging participants with an interesting blend of presentations, exercises and group discussions, to illicit their perspectives on relevant issues.

Our approach | A need-based Training model

We design customized training programs and strategies for institutes at different levels, as per their requirements. A pre-training survey and observations are conducted to gather information about the teachers for an organized and effective training experience. Based on the analysis of the collated data, the training methodology is planned and executed to gain optimum results.


Some of the training programs offered by us are :

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NEP 2020 Implementation Training - SARTHAQ

Pedagogical Practices

Worksheets That Work | Teaching Aids | Lesson Planning | Classroom Management | Adopting Enriching Pedagogical Approaches


Pre-School Teacher Professional Development

Phonics | Circle Time for Elementary Junior | Fine Motor Skills | Learning the Fun Way

Curriculum Integration

Art Integration | Inquiry-Based Learning | Higher Order Thinking Skills | Project Based Learning | Multi-disciplinary | Inter-disciplinary

Time-Saving Strategies to Design Teacher & Student Friendly Assessments | Assessment for Learning & Assessment of Learning

Student Centric Interventions

Happy Classrooms | Identifying Learning Disabilities | Soft Skills Training | Life Skills Training | Gender Sensitivity | Inclusive Education | Behavior Management

School Leadership Development Programs

Leading in the Learning Sector | Leadership Enhancement Program | School Leadership Program - Chanakya Neeti

Educator Development Programs

Personality Development & Grooming | Life Skills Coaching | Soft Skills Enhancement

Tech and Teaching

Effective Online Teaching & Pedagogy | ICT in Teaching & Learning | Tools for Educators

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