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Empower an Educator!

A Teacher Training & Development Program

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classrooms, well into the future”

- F. Sionile Jose


Eduvest Connect offers a platform for educators, empowering them to evolve and adapt to contemporary, progressive knowledge and embrace innovative ideas to enhance their skill sets. As catalysts of reformed education models, we have been able to identify some challenges faced by the teachers and the dire need to address them through our training programs.

Benefits of Training with Eduvest Connect


Opportunities for teachers to interact, collaborate, reflect & upskill themselves as effective facilitators.

Learning from experienced trainers and mentors who are experts in their fields and provide various strategies for practical solutions.



A chance to step out of their comfort zone and build confidence to take up challenges to grow professionally and personally.

Equips the teachers with tools that encourage learning and engage the students in the classrooms, delivering a result-oriented learning experience.



Flexibility to the schools to select specific subjects/relevant issues which need to be addressed, based on observations of the teaching-learning patterns.

Knowledge of current trends in educational resources and insight into industry updates for overall progress.



Engaging participants with an interesting blend of presentations, exercises and group discussions, to illicit their perspectives on relevant issues.

Our approach | A need-based Training model

We design customized training programs and strategies for institutes at different levels, as per their requirements. A pre-training survey and observations are conducted to gather information about the teachers for an organized and effective training experience. Based on the analysis of the collated data, the training methodology is planned and executed to gain optimum results.


Some of the training programs offered by us are :

Peach Course List Instagram Post.png

NEP 2020 Implementation Training - SARTHAQ

Pedagogical Practices

Worksheets That Work | Teaching Aids | Lesson Planning | Classroom Management | Adopting Enriching Pedagogical Approaches


Time-Saving Strategies to Design Teacher & Student Friendly Assessments | Assessment for Learning & Assessment of Learning

Pre-School Teacher Professional Development

Phonics | Circle Time for Elementary Junior | Fine Motor Skills | Learning the Fun Way

Curriculum Integration

Art Integration | Inquiry-Based Learning | Higher Order Thinking Skills | Project Based Learning | Multi-disciplinary | Inter-disciplinary

Student Centric Interventions

Happy Classrooms | Identifying Learning Disabilities | Soft Skills Training | Life Skills Training | Gender Sensitivity | Inclusive Education | Behavior Management

School Leadership Development Programs

Leading in the Learning Sector | Leadership Enhancement Program | School Leadership Program - Chanakya Neeti

Educator Development Programs

Personality Development & Grooming | Life Skills Coaching | Soft Skills Enhancement

Tech and Teaching

Effective Online Teaching & Pedagogy | ICT in Teaching & Learning | Tools for Educators

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