Setting up a school from scratch involves a range of activities if even one of them fails to achieve the benchmark, the entire spectrum loses its aesthetics.


Classroom Setup

Since children spend most of their time in classrooms, the class design should be conducive to learning and provide an atmosphere for their holistic development. Myriad things ranging from the colour of the walls to the layout of the classroom can make or break the learning environment. We help you to create a comfortable, warm, inviting, energetic and vibrant space that fosters learning and sharing.


A school is like a second home for students and staff members. Therefore it is imperative to manifest wellness and positivity in a healthy environment for all. The infrastructure of a school, which is its backbone, needs to be planned such that it promotes smooth day to day operations. Architectural and engineering support will be provided by the industry experts in collaboration with EC. We ensure that the school campus is a beautiful one where the students get all the facilities required for the development of their physical, cognitive and social abilities.  


Physical and mental wellness is a prerequisite to be able to concentrate and focus on one's tasks. In consultation with renowned dietitians, we recommend menus that present delicious and wholesome dishes/meals. Apart from healthy and nutritious food, the canteen serves learners and facilitators time to socialize, make friends and be a family. Here, we assure to create an ambience that evokes positivity and encourages friendly interactions.


Research suggests that students retain information for a longer time when theory blends with practical application. We pay special attention to conceptualize Labs such that they encourage the learners to discover and invent, question and research; at the same time are student-friendly and accident-free with all necessary safety measures in place. We make sure they are well-designed and equipped for all budding scientists/ IT professionals. 

Drama Theatres

Theatre in Education is a process that uses interactive practices to help aid the educational process. Since an artistic perspective inspires ideas, students should get the opportunity to bring out the performer in them in a liberated environment. In this regard, EC helps schools to create a set-up that suits the needs of upcoming artists encouraging and empowering them to delve in a world of expressions. 


A studio is an artist or workers workroom. It can be for painting, photography, filmmaking, music or dance. Additionally, the interaction of students with their peers in a vibrant space, outside the classroom, is significant during the learning process. Provision of an attractive and inviting workspace for different co-curricular activities will enhance their learning experience. Here, EC will assist in setting up the studios and supplying the necessary resources.

Language Lab

Globalization has rendered multilingualism an asset, as it opens up various avenues for students in the real world, and they get a deep insight into diverse cultures. When learning, students need to capture the intricacies of the pronunciations and accent of the new language. EC provides its clients with the latest audio-visual materials and other essentials such as individual headsets and isolated sound booths to assist student's learning process.

Boarding Facilities

The residential area within the school campus is a home away from home for many students. The days they spend here have a profound impact on the way they grow as a person. Hence, it is a primary requirement for the institutions providing such services to ensure that the infrastructure of the boarding facilities is comfortable and suitable to the needs of the students. EC can assist you by providing the necessary guidance regarding the layout and the designing of these boarding houses keeping in mind the convenience of the residents. 

Study Halls

A ‘me’ space can create magical moments for students who need a comfortable ambience; they can call their own to complete their assignments, review notes, or read a storybook. Study halls should be designed in a manner that facilitates the extra time required by students to not only catch up with their academic work but also indulge in some quiet reflection.

Digital Classrooms

Classrooms today are not constrained to a blackboard and chalk. When the world is embracing smart technology, schools need to upgrade themselves as well. Through EdTech, EC delivers to its clients all the latest technologies right from intelligent boards to other devices that make learning more interactive and practical.