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In my view, life is nothing less than a festival—a festival of ups and downs, setbacks and comebacks. I believe in the power of intent. And in building a sense of possibility by tapping into the potential, thereby unleashing catalysts for a more significant change.




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It is truly a joy when people come together to make new things happen! I believe in imparting a sense of belonging to all our fellow members. We aren’t just people working together, we are a family who looks after each other and covers each other’s back. I am also an eager learner.


Poonam Shekhawat

Academic Advisor

My ambition is excellence. It gives me immense joy when I am able to deliver the best I can. Sloughing hours is often stressful for a lot of people, but to me, the high I get after finishing a tough week is a feeling which I constantly pursue. It is my firm belief that anyone and everyone can teach you something new, as long as you have an open mind and a humble heart.

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Academic Advisor

Playing and learning are synonyms for young students.  And that's how they are- cheerful, innocent and full of life. Educators should gently hold those little hands, teach them lessons which they learn in their minds but carry them in their hearts. The leaders of learning need to provide resources for meaningful services.

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Menka Sharma


Success to me is to achieve a state of equilibrium - a balance between the physical and the spiritual.  While most of us are multitasking, we fail to notice the finer details. We need to stop, reflect and believe in ourselves. Then, we can magically pluck the brightest stars from the sky,  pack them in a glass jar and illuminate our inner self.