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High Tea with EC feat. Smt. Ambuja Iyer

The staff, interns and followers of Eduvest Connect were treated to an online training module, that was designed specifically for teachers. This knowledge impacting session was conducted by Smt. Ambuja Iyer, an 81 yr old  seasoned and experienced Mathematics Teacher who had to embrace the impact of online teaching methods during this pandemic period. 

Mrs Iyer was fascinated and delighted as she shared various new skills she learnt along the way. There is some timeless knowledge she had acquired over time, which she didn’t hesitate to share to us during the webinar. The skills she shared during the webinar will be of great help to students and teachers. Mrs Iyer is what we should call a Living Library. With what she had experienced and witnessed, we could only swim in her experience. In her well of wisdom, she educated us on the impact of success and failures. She let the tap of the repository of wisdom run, as she talked to the invitees. It was an extraordinary opportunity for the invitees, as they were enlightened by the presence of Mrs Iyer.

Just like books, packed with various historical information we want. Passed from one hand to another, Mrs Iyer is like a time capsule. She took the invitees to worlds we didn’t even know existed. It was a fun filled experience and the invitees will definitely be happy to be part of the session. Teachers will be glad to be in the session, as she spoke of experiences that will enlighten teachers. Her real life lessons served as history for teachers to follow through. They will have an insight on how teaching experience has changed over the years. Then, implementing the new knowledge into their teaching skills.


High Tea with EEC feat Dr Ajay Shukla

Stock markets are known for their dynamic nature. One wrong decision can lead to massive losses. To determine which stocks to invest in is, therefore, a highly daunting task, especially when the investor has little knowledge about the same. To support our aspiring finance students and potential stockholders, EC hosted a highly informative session on 30th August 2020 with Dr Ajay Shukla, a PhD MBA, NET, JRF, and currently an instructor at Udemy. Dr Ajay, with his decades’ experience of teaching and training in the financial industry, helped clear various misconceptions and apprehensions that the participants’ had in playing the stock market in the current scenario. The workshop was indeed an eye-opening experience for all of us helping us in making more informed financial decisions in the future.

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High Tea with EEC feat Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh

The wave of entrepreneurship is increasingly taking over the Indian masses. Today thousands of youngsters desire to establish their enterprises. To help our budding entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, EC hosted a workshop featuring the supremely talented sister duo- Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh, the founders of Nexus Power, on 16th August 2020. Their journey of building a startup from scratch and ensuring that it becomes a success was truly inspiring for us and our audience. Nikita and Nishita’s advice on the need for a sustainable business model, their motivational words, and entrepreneurial tips helped our audience in attaining valuable entrepreneurial skills and learning creative goal-setting.