Technical Aspects

  • Identifying safe and trustworthy websites when engaging in online shopping and/or online banking.

  • Identifying authentic sites and fact checking any piece of news or information.

  • Tips and strategies on making strong password combinations.

  • Treating “remember my information" and “keep me logged in" with caution. 

  • Identifying spam and inappropriate mails, links and messages.

  • Understanding the dynamics of cloud storage systems. 

  • The do's and don’ts of sharing confidential information via surveys or any other sources 

  • Creating a restricted child only websites

  • Understanding the do's and don’ts of chat forums

  • Supervising students’ browsing history and time spent on device

Ethical Aspects

  • Paraphrasing and citation skills to avoid plagiarism.

  • Refraining from cat-fishing or creating fake identities while interacting with other agents online.

Social Aspects

  • Building authentic and real relationships with people. 

  • The dos and don’ts of sharing confidential information with agents across the internet.

  • Understanding what behaviour constitutes cyber-bullying.

  • Strategies to cope and deal with cyberbullies.

Legal Aspects

  •  Understanding how to report cyber-bullying.

  • Identifying trustworthy job channels and offers.

  • Discerning between genuine promotional emails and spam emails.

  •  Discerning between authorised dealers /sellers and fake ones. 

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