In an ideal world, we would all start our working lives in the perfect job. Most of the students have little idea about their career interests in their initial years. The team EC’s priority is to assist the students in introspecting and identifying their aspirations. Our expert team of counselors guide the students to select a suitable career path in sync with their aptitude.

Student's Counselling

“Happy teachers make a happy classroom.” Teachers equip themselves with skills for effective delivery of knowledge, curriculum and differential learning. The EC team reaches out beyond academic management. We coach teachers to build resilience and mindfulness to handle stressful situations. 

Teacher's Counselling

The principal’s functionality in an institute directly impacts the school’s programmes, priorities and directions. At EC, we understand the pressure a principal has to undergo in the day to day activities. Our counselling sessions include a holistic approach for the principals in terms of peer support and on how to develop their interpersonal skills while running an educational institute.

Principal's Counselling

Parenting is a natural process. In order to become perfect parents, they may outdo themselves, providing every material thing that the child requires but may be ignorant about their child’s emotional needs. Team EC will bridge this gap and help parents to be the driving force in their child’s overall well being.

Parent's Counselling