High Tea with EC feat. Anuj Kumar

Anuj taught us how to make donuts( from scratch!)

He also gave insight into the history of donuts( the origin et cetera).

Anuj also gave us some tips on the following topics:
1. how to bake healthier donuts? 
2. how to make eggless donuts?
3. how to get the perfect creamy filling?

He talked about the commmon problems one faces while making donuts and provided some advice to tackle them.

High tea with Chef Anuj Kumar was what one needed to tame sugar cravings amidst national lockdown.

Chef Anuj Kumar shared his easy, quick and delicious donut recipe.

He shed light into the origins of donuts. The donut trivia was surely the glaze on the top!

Chef Anuj Kumar also highlighted ways to make healthier and cream filled donuts.


High Tea with EC feat. Pramod Saha

Anyone can click pictures, but few can become great photographers. Photography is emerging as a significant profession over the last few years. Although it looks easy, photography is an art in itself, the basics of which are essential for attaining expertise. 
On 19th August 2020, EC hosted a “Basics of Photography” workshop with Mr Pramod Saha, a photographer, and filmmaker from Odisha known for his work with notable organisations like UNICEF. Through this workshop, EC gave amateur photographers a platform to learn about the intricacies involved in capturing the perfect photograph. Mr Pramod’s expertise in the field truly helped us in opening multi-dimensional doors of opportunity for several budding photographers and artists.